Lecture: Introduction to Computer Graphics @ B-IT


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: 27.10.2009
  • Dates: Tue. and Thu. 17:15 - 18:45, Hörsaal, B-IT
  • Course number: 09ws-18447
  • Curriculum: B-IT Master Media Informatics
  • Exams: Fri. 19.02.2010, 14:15-16:15, Hörsaal, B-IT



Computer Graphics deals with hardware, algorithms and datastructures for the synthesis of images or movies from abstract 3D scene, geometry and material descriptions as well as camera/object motion. This lecture introduces the fundamental concepts of computer graphics.

Among the topics of this lecture are: two and three dimensional object representation; affine and perspective mappings; scene representations / the scene graph; clipping algorithms; raster algorithms; sampling theorem and antialiasing; computing visibility and occlusion; color spaces; optical material properties and shading; textures; global illumination; graphics hardware architectures and real-time rendering; representations of curves and surfaces.

In the exercises the theoretical concepts of the lecture are examplified in theoretical tasks and practical programming assignments. Programming is primarily done in C++ using the OpenGL library.

Online Registration

The registration for the exercise groups had to be done by an externOnline System. The registration ended on November 9 at 8:00 am. If you missed this deadline please contact us per email.


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: Introduction to OpenGL
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 56 KB)
Exercise 2: Midpoint Algorithm
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 64 KB)
Exercise 3: Transformations
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 70 KB)
Exercise 4: Projections
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 99 KB)
Exercise 5: Culling and Color Mapping
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 61 KB)
Exercise 6: Color Spaces and BRDFs
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 84 KB)
Exercise 7: Christmas
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 528 KB)
Exercise 8: Ray Tracing
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 68 KB)
Exercise 9: Textures and Mip-Mapping
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 76 KB)
Exercise 10: Repetition
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 64 KB)

Additional Documents