Lecture: Foundations of Graphics, Vision, and Audio




• Fourier and wavelet transforms with applications to audio signal analysis and filtering
• Affine and projective transformations with applications to image formation (rigid body motion, cinematic chains)
• Parametric curves and surfaces with applications to 3D modelling
• Elements of continuous and discrete differential geometry with application to mesh processing
• Ordinary differential equations with applications to physical based modelling
• Variational methods and partial differential equations with applications to image processing
• Monte Carlo methods with applications to photorealistic rendering

This lecture has been designed as a team-taught cycle of lectures in the field
of Graphics, Vision, and Audio.

Assignment notes

Information for exercise classes: The arrangement of the classes is done by an externonline system. The registration starts on 21.10.2009 11am and ends on 06.11. 12 am . The first classes will be held on 28.10.2009.

The online registration is available in german online. A translation of the registration pages is given under additional documents.

If you have any questions concerning the exercise classes, please contact Björn Krüger.


The tool "Zirkel und Lineal" introduced in the lecture is available externhere. The animation to complex numbers presented in the lecture can be found undefinedhere.


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 0: MatlabIntroduction
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 33 KB)
Exercise 1: EulerLagrangeEquation
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 64 KB)
Exercise 2: Diffusion
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 103 KB)
Exercise 3: ComplexNumbers
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 63 KB)
Exercise 4: FastFourierTransform
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 57 KB)
Exercise 5: ContinousWaveletTransform
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 67 KB)
Exercise 6: LatexAndRotations
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 115 KB)
Exercise 7: Rotations
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 80 KB)
Exercise 8: ParticleSystem
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 113 KB)
Exercise 9: ParticleSystemII
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 47 KB)
Exercise 10: BezierCurve
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 252 KB)
Exercise 11: Subdivision
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 125 KB)
Exercise 12: ExampleExamination
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 141 KB)

Additional Documents