Lecture: Physics-based Modelling


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: Wednesday, October 09
  • Dates: Wednesday 10 (c.t.) - 12 at CP1-HSZ / Hörsaal 3
  • Course number: MA-INF 2302
  • Curriculum: Master
  • Requirements: None, but MA-INF 2111 recommended
  • Effort: 6 CP


Subject of this lecture are physically-based simulation techniques for applications in computer graphics and computer animation. Such techniques are increasingly used to create complex animated films, in virtual reality applications and also in computer games.

The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • Particle simulation
  • rigid bodies
  • multi-body-systems
  • collision detection
  • collisions response
  • physics-based motion editing
  • controller-based motion editing

Important notice: Examinations

  • The remaining PBM examinations will be performed as writing examinations with physical attendance on Thursday 18th Juni at 9:00 am in the lecture hall 1. Please note that there is no alternative appointment for the examinations.
  • We request your compliance with the regulations outlined on the following information sheet before, during and after conducting of the on-site exam: externexternInformation Sheet for Students

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We are very deeply saddened to announce that our dear friend and esteemed colleague Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber has suddenly passed away on the evening of Sunday, 15 March 2020. Born and raised in Baden-Württemberg, he first studied mathematics at the Universities of Tübingen and Boulder, Colorado. After completing his doctorate in computer science at the University of Tübingen, he worked as a postdoc at the Institute for Computer Science at Cornell University, the University of Tübingen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research in Darmstadt. In 2001, Andreas accepted an appointment at our university as head of the research group "Multimedia, Simulation and Virtual Reality". Scientifically, he was considered an authority in the fields of physically-based modeling and simulation as well as computer algebra. Andreas had an unprecedented commitment to teaching and self-administration. Among other things, he was chairman of the examination board for computer science, chairman of the faculty group and most recently also representative of computer science in the faculty council. He was incredibly well-read, possessed an immense wealth of knowledge across different disciplines and was highly committed to the international networking of his field of study, always having an open door for visitors from all over the world. We will always remember his good-natured humor and his boundless compassion for others. We are all proud to have known him, proud of what he achieved in his life and proud of the legacy he left in our field. We will miss his presence very much.


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: pybullet&Golf-ball
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 121 KB)
Exercise 2 Spinning top:
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 168 KB)
Exercise 3: Collision
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 96 KB)
Exercise 4: Project A 'Inverting Tippe Top'
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 124 KB)
Exercise 4: Project B 'Falling Cat'
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 304 KB)