Project Group: Computer Graphics


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: 07.04.2014
  • Dates: by arrangement
  • Course number: BA-INF 051
  • Curriculum: Bachelor
  • Exams: 16th and 17th of July 2014


Research and development in the area of computer graphics is progressing rapidly. New techniques allow to create more and more detailed, efficient and exact visualizations with a computer and thus become essential for the areas of scientific visualization and virtual prototyping, in the entertainment industry in the context of games of movies, and in many other areas.In this project group, such state-of-the-art topics from the area of computer graphics are discussed.

Participants are supposed to study recent approaches to a  problem, to give a talk on this topic and to implement a specific technique. For each topic, one staff member of the computer graphics group will - together with Prof. Klein - supervise the participant. The talks usually take place at the end of the lecture period as a block course.

All topics offered can also be used as direct starting point for a successive bachelor thesis in the same subject area.

For further information please contact Stefan Hartmann.



Available Topics

For more information about these topics, please take a look at the PDF files.

Currently Available Topics

  • Emulating the Appearance of Wood
  • Structured Light for Transient Imaging
  • Procedural Modeling of Leather Texture with Structural Elements
  • Extending the Demons Algorithm
  • Is there a Procedural Logic to Architecture?
  • Inverse Procedural Modelling by Automatic Generation of L-Systems
  • Automatic Analysis of Indoor 3D Point Cloud Scans
  • Point Cloud Compression


For more topics or if you want to propose another topic please just visit our lab!


If you have interest in taking a topic write an email to Stefan Hartmann