Lecture: Applied Mathematics: Numerical Analysis


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: 23rd of October 2013
  • Dates: Wed. 10 (c.t.) - 12, AVZ III / Römerstr. 164 - HS 1
  • Course number: BA-INF 031/127
  • Curriculum: Bachelor
  • Effort: 2 SWS lecture, 2 SWS execise, 6 CP
  • Exams: Thu. 20th of February 2014 and Mon. 31st of March 2014


Admission to the exam: Requirement for participation in the exam is that you take part in the exercises actively and that you obtain 50% of the points in the exercises. The occasional bonus exercises do not increase the number of required points, but can be used to obtain the required score nonetheless.


  • 10th of February 2014: A new version of the script with many corrections and improvements is online. Thanks to Ramtin Azimi for reporting these issues. Corresponding lists can be downloaded in the documents section of this page.
  • 16th of January 2014: A new version of the script with many corrections in chapter 1 to 3 and chapter 8 is online.

List of Exercise Groups

We offer the following exercise groups:

  • Group 1, Wed. 12:15 - 12:45, room A7b, tutored by Christoph Peters
  • Group 2, Wed. 16:00 - 17:30, room A6b, tutored by Sebastian Urrigshardt
  • Group 3, Wed. 17:30 - 19:00, room A6b, tutored by Sebastian Urrigshardt
  • Group 4, Fri. 8:15 - 9:45, room A7a, tutored by Sebastian Urrigshardt
  • Group 5, Fri. 8:15 - 9:45, room A6c, tutored by Max Hermann

Please write the number of your group onto every submitted exercise sheet.

Assignment Sheets

Exercise 0: Matlab oder Python
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 141 KB)
Exercise 1: Lineare Algebra
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 152 KB)
Exercise 2: Normen und Singulärwertzerlegung (geändert)
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 172 KB)
Exercise 3: Lineare Ausgleichsprobleme
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 181 KB)
Exercise 4: Moving Least Squares und EVD (neu)
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 205 KB)
Exercise 5: QR-Zerlegung (verschoben, korrigiert)
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 190 KB)
Exercise 6: QR, LU und Cholesky
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 182 KB)
Exercise 7: Wiederholung (korrigiert)
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 166 KB)
Exercise 8: Eigenwerte
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 172 KB)
Exercise 9: Wackelnde Weihnachtsbäume (aktualisiert)
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 1.0 MB)
Exercise 10: Kondition und Stabilität
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 206 KB)
Exercise 11: Differenzierbare Funktionen
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 162 KB)
Exercise 12: Differenzierbare Abbildungen
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 179 KB)
Exercise 13: Nichtlineare Gleichungen
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 149 KB)