Lecture: Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics II


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: 16.10.2012
  • Dates: Tue. and Thu. 10:30 - 12, LBH I.80
  • Course number: MA-INF 2310
  • Curriculum: Master , Diploma (Graduate)
  • Diploma Area: B



Digital geometric models

  • Parameterization of surfaces
  • Shape segmentation and shape similarity
  • Shape classification and content based retrieval
  • Shape spaces and statistical shape analysis


  • Foundations of radio- and photometry
  • Models for the description of optical material properties and light sources
  • Methods and algorithms for the acquisition of optical material properties
    Algorithms and techniques of image based rendering
  • Digital Photography

New Exercise time

Due to students request, the exercise was shifted from Monday 9:00 to the new time, Monday 14:30-16:00. Place is still the VR-Lab.

Starting the lecture

A date for the exercise class will be decided at the end of the first lecture.

A mailinglist (VL-ATCG2) exists that should already include participants of the first lecture. If you are not included, you can inscribe yourself at https://lists.iai.uni-bonn.de/mailman/listinfo.cgi/vl-atcg2.

Good start !


Assignment Sheets

Exercise G01: Shape Distributions
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 419 KB)
Exercise G02: Local Features Descriptors
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 155 KB)
Exercise G03: Global Point Descriptor
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 1.0 MB)
Exercise G04: Heat Kernel Signatures and Bag of Features
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 245 KB)
Exercise G05: Symmetry detection
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 347 KB)
Exercise G06: Linear Shape Spaces
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 252 KB)
Exercise R07: Radiometry
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 197 KB)
Exercise R08: BRDFs
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 176 KB)
Exercise R09: Measured BRDFs
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 198 KB)
Exercise R10: BRDF-Compression
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 156 KB)
Exercise R11: BTFs
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 340 KB)

Additional Documents