Lecture: Introduction to Computer Graphics @ B-IT


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: 25.10.2011
  • Dates: Tue. 10 (s.t.) - 11:30 and Thu. 17 (s.t.) - 18:30, Hörsaal, B-IT
  • Course number: 11ws-29192
  • Curriculum: B-IT Master Media Informatics
  • Exams: Tue., 31.01.2012, 9:45 - 11:45 a.m., Hörsaal B-IT. Resit exam on Thu., 22.03.2012, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00, Lecture Hall III.03 (LBH)



Computer Graphics deals with hardware, algorithms and datastructures for the synthesis of images or movies from abstract 3D scene, geometry and material descriptions as well as camera/object motion. This lecture introduces the fundamental concepts of computer graphics.

Among the topics of this lecture are: two and three dimensional object representation; affine and perspective mappings; scene representations / the scene graph; clipping algorithms; raster algorithms; sampling theorem and antialiasing; computing visibility and occlusion; color spaces; optical material properties and shading; textures; global illumination; graphics hardware architectures and real-time rendering; representations of curves and surfaces.

In the exercises the theoretical concepts of the lecture are examplified in theoretical tasks and practical programming assignments. Programming is primarily done in C++ using the OpenGL library.


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: OpenGL and Bresenham
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 233 KB)
Exercise 2: Barycentric Coordinates
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 243 KB)
Exercise 3: Scene Graph and Quaternions
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 350 KB)
Exercise 4: Projective Space and Perspective Transformation
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 205 KB)
Exercise 5: Gamut Mapping
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 128 KB)
Exercise 6: Frustum Culling and Euler Formula
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 213 KB)
Exercise 7: Bezier and B-spline curves
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 200 KB)
Exercise 8: Raytracing and Subdivision
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 203 KB)
Exercise 9: Repetition
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 73 KB)

Additional Documents