Lecture: Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics II


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: 18.10.2011
  • Dates: Tue. and Thu. 12:30 - 14, LBH III.03
  • Course number: MA-INF 2310
  • Curriculum: Master , Diploma (Graduate)
  • Diploma Area: B


Starting the lecture

Exercises will take place each Tuesday from 10:30 - 12:30 in room I.80 at the LBH.

Attention: First exercise is a public holiday so the exercise will be shifted to the Friday before (28.10.2011) and will take place at 8:30 in the CIP pool (yellow containers in the Römerstraße).

Each Friday a new exercise sheet will be available on this website. Theoretical solutions have to be handled in until Thursday's lecture of the next week and the practical solutions have to be presented at the Tuesday afterwards. 

A mailing list (VL-ATCG2) exists that should already include participants of the first lecture. If you are not included, you can inscribe yourself at https://lists.iai.uni-bonn.de/mailman/listinfo.cgi/vl-atcg2 or write an email to us.

Good start !


Topics among others will be:

Digital geometric models

  • Parameterization of surfaces
  • Shape segmentation and shape similarity
  • Shape classification and content based retrieval
  • Shape spaces and statistical shape analysis


  • Foundations of radio- and photometry
  • Models for the description of optical material properties and light sources
  • Methods and algorithms for the acquisition of optical material properties
    Algorithms and techniques of image based rendering
  • Digital Photography


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: Colors and Radiometry
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 197 KB)
Exercise 2: BRDFs and HDR Imaging
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 175 KB)
Exercise 3: BRDF Rendering
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 195 KB)
Exercise 4: BRDF Compression
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 155 KB)
Exercise 5: BTF Rendering
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 254 KB)
Exercise 6: BTF Compression
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 229 KB)
Exercise 7: Texture synthesis
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 416 KB)
Exercise 8: Shape Distributions
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 419 KB)
Exercise 9: Local Features Descriptors
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 154 KB)
Exercise 10: Global Point Signature
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 1.0 MB)
Exercise 11: Symmetry detection
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 347 KB)
Exercise 12: Morphable Models
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 252 KB)