Lecture: Scientific Visualization


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Dates: Tue. and Thu. 15 (c.t.) - 17, B-IT Hörsaal
  • Course number: B-IT 11ss-01706
  • Curriculum: B-IT Master Media Informatics , Bachelor
  • Diploma Area: B
  • Exams: On appointment (12.7., 5.8., 12.8.)



Scientific Visualization deals with all aspects that are connected with the visual representation of (huge) data sets from scientific experiments or simulations in order to achieve a deeper understanding or a simpler represenation of complex phenomena.

This lecture introduces the main concepts of scientific visualization. Based on the visualization pipeline and the classification of mapping methodes, visualization algorithms and data structures for various kinds of applications and scenarios will be presented. Among the topics of this lecture are: usage of color in scientific visualization, huge geometric models (such as terrain models, finite element models from car industry), cartesian 3D scalar fields (such as medical CT-data), unstructured 3D vector fields (e.g., from computational fluid dynamics), tensor fields and information visualization (such as tables or graphs). By solving programming exercises the students will gain practical experience in visualisation.

Important information for University of Bonn students:
It is also possible to take this course in the scope of the University of Bonn Bachelor or Master programme. In order to get the accreditation for this B-IT course, a corresponding application has to be filed at the start of the semester at the examination office (pa@REMOVETHISPART.informatik.uni-bonn.de).

The course takes place in the B-IT building, Dahlmannstr. 2 (externHow to get there).


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: Basics
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 197 KB)

Note: Task 2 may be solved either in C++ or in Java. In general, we recommend the use of C++. Please see the README's provided below for more details.

Exercise 2: Triangulation and Interpolation
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 225 KB)
Exercise 3: Fourier Transform and Filtering
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 327 KB)
Exercise 4: Height Fields and Isolines
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 333 KB)

Note: The following data / image file may be used within the scope of this lecture only!

Exercise 5: Glyphs and Parallel Coordinates
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 583 KB)
Exercise 6: Principal Component Analysis
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 402 KB)

Note: The following data files may be used within the scope of this lecture only!

Exercise 7: Volume Visualization Basics and MDS
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 166 KB)
Exercise 8: Volume Visualization 2
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 333 KB)
Exercise 9: Line Integral Convolution
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 284 KB)
Exercise 10: Particle Tracing
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 290 KB)
Exercise 11: Lecture Recap
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 93 KB)

Additional Documents


  • Alexandru C. Telea: Data Visualization - Principles and Practice, AK Peters, 2008 (available at the computer science library)