Project Group: Realtime Rendering and GPU Computing


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: Fri. 6.8.2010, 14 (c.t.), A6b (Kick-off meeting)
  • Dates: By arrangement
  • Course number: BA-INF 051
  • Curriculum: Bachelor


This project group deals with recent hot topics from the area of realtime rendering as well as from the area of GPU Computing (i.e. the implementation of parallel algorithms on the massively parallel architecture of current graphics hardware), which nowadays becomes more and more relevant also outside the field of computer graphics. The topics offered range from Real-Time Raytracing over GPU-based Geometry Processing to General-Purpose Computing on GPUs. Here, you will get in touch with cutting-edge GPU computing technologies like CUDA or OpenCL.

All topics offered can also be used as direct starting point for a successive bachelor thesis in the same subject area.

The kick-off meeting has taken place on Fri. 6.8.2010 and the topics have been assigned on Fri. 20.8.2010.

Assigned Topics

  • Pathtracing BTFs with OptiX
    Implement an OptiX pathtracer with support for Bi-Directional Texture Functions (BTFs).
  • Interactive Volume Deformation and Visualization
    Implement an enhanced ChainMail algorithm which allows fast computation of volume deformations. To visualize the result in a ray-caster, the deformed volume has to be resampled on a regular grid; compare here CPU- and GPU-based approaches with respect to their memory requirements, computational speed and rendering quality.
  • Sparse Matrix Equation System Solver in CUDA
    Using Conjugate Gradient Method.