Lecture: Rendering Techniques II: Image based rendering techniques and digital photography


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Dates: Thu. 13 - 15, Room 3, Beringstr. 1
  • Course number: MA-INF 2304
  • Curriculum: Master , Diploma (Graduate)
  • Diploma Area: B



This lecture discusses advanced rendering techniques that aim at highly realistic images. Particular emphasis lies on high quality depictions of materials.

In detail the topics of this lecture are:

  • Foundations of radio- and photometry
  • Models for the description of optical material properties and light sources
  • Methods and algorithms for the acquisition of optical material properties
    Algorithms and techniques of image based rendering
  • Digital Photography

Hinweis: Diplomstudenten können sich über diese Vorlesung zusammen mit "Digitale Geometrische Modelle" prüfen lassen.

Assignment notes

Running Matlab: Unfortunately, there is a bug in the current MATLAB installation in the pool. Before running Matlab it is therefore required to define a certain environment variable. Choose My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> New (in User Variables). Now define MATLAB_PREFDIR=C:\TEMP\<username>

Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: Radiometry and Colors
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 142 KB)
Exercise 2: BRDF
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 95 KB)
Exercise 3: HDR Photography
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 145 KB)
Exercise 4: HDR Photography 2
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 72 KB)
Exercise 5: Measured Materials and BRDF Models
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 122 KB)
Exercise 6: Compression of BRDFs
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 102 KB)
Exercise 7: BTF Rendering and Calibration
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 195 KB)
Exercise 8: BTF Compression
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 219 KB)
Exercise 9: Hair
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 84 KB)
Exercise 10: Lacquer
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 121 KB)