Lecture: Geometry Processing II: Shape Analysis - Classification, Matching and Retrieval


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Dates: Thu. 11 (c.t.) - 13, A6b
  • Course number: MA-INF 2305
  • Curriculum: Master , Diploma (Graduate)
  • Diploma Area: B



This class is focused on advanced topics in the field of geometry processing. Students will get familiar with recent developments in the area of shape analysis and shape retrieval.

Topics among others will be:

  • Parameterization of surfaces
  • Shape segmentation and shape similarity
  • Shape classification and content based retrieval
  • Shape spaces and statistical shape analysis

Assignment notes

Running Matlab: Unfortunately, there is a bug in the current MATLAB installation in the pool. Before running Matlab it is therefore required to define a certain environment variable. Choose My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> New (in User Variables). Now define MATLAB_PREFDIR=C:\TEMP\<username>

Installing OMToolbox: In the exercises we will make use of the OmToolbox - an Interface of the OpenMesh Library to Matlab. To install it follow these steps

  • download the Toolbox either undefinedWindows Binaries  or undefinedSource
  • extract OMT archive
  • Under Windows in the Pool: Set environment variable VS80COMNTOOLS to the same value as VS90COMNTOOLS, e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Tools\ (for defining environment variables see Running Matlab). The value of VS90COMNTOOLS can be determined by running the command "set" in the command window
  • start Matlab
  • add OMT directory and its subdirectories to the Matlab path via File -> Set Path -> Add With Subfolders

Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: D2 Shape Distributions
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 127 KB)
Exercise 2: Retrieval Evaluation and Principal Component Analysis
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 502 KB)
Exercise 3: Local Features and Spherical Harmonics Properties
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 145 KB)
Exercise 4: Harris Detector
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 313 KB)
Exercise 5: Anisotropic Diffusion
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 1.3 MB)
Exercise 6: Integral Invariants
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 507 KB)
Exercise 7: Mesh Laplacian
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 345 KB)
Exercise 8: Global Point Signatures
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 781 KB)
Exercise 9: Symmetry Detection
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 336 KB)

Additional Documents