Image-based rendering: Rendered scene showing different foods (pathtracing). The scene is a novel composition of seperately captured objects and exhibits complex occlusion, shadowing and indirect illumination.

Head of department

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein

Group Leaders

Prof. Dr. Matthias B. Hullin
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schultz
Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber †
Dr. Eduard Zell


Simone von Neffe
Nadine Pionteck


Universität Bonn
Institute of Computer Science II - Visual Computing
Endenicher Allee 19c
53115 Bonn

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Work Groups

The Institute of Computer Science II - Visual Computing consists of the following work groups:

All groups work in close cooperation to cover a broad range of computer graphics related topics in teaching and research.


The computer graphics group offers courses in the externbachelor and externmaster programs of the computer science department and is involved in the master programs externlife science informatics and externmedia informatics of Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (b-it).

We strongly encourage undergraduates to participate in our research. As a result many of our students had papers in conferences and journals. Among other things, each year the best student research work is invited to participate at the Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics for students (CESCG) which brings undergraduate students, who are interested in computer graphics, together across borders of universities and countries.

There is a field report by Patrick Stotko from CESCG 2015.

List of our CESCG publications


The research activities of the computer graphics group in Bonn cover topics in Geometry Processing, Scientific and Geospatial Visualization, Photo-realistic Rendering and Physics based animation.

Common to our research is the comprehensive analysis and task specific mathematical modeling of the underlying physical principles in combination with a careful realization in efficient, robust algorithms. We set a high value on the evaluation of the models and their realization either by comparing the results to measured real world data or by rigorous perceptual evaluations.


The group holds close contact to several academic as well as industrial partners. There exists a long-term research cooperation in the field of digital material appearance with externX-Rite. Asides from spin off companies (externGfaR, Sensible Graphics, externhumanalyze), there is the externSteinbeis Research Center Computer Graphics and Digitisation dedicated to the transfer of recent research results into industrial applications.