Virtual Try-On




The goal of the project is the creation of technological bases for a synergetic connection of the innovative service of clothing for the individual customer (tailor-made suit) with the potential of the E-Commerce business using Virtual-Reality (VR) methods.

Based on newest research results within the area of the simulation of the fold throw of textiles and current developments within the area of the contactless 3D-body scanning and internet technology new procedures and technologies are to be developed for the virtual selection and evaluation of pieces of clothing for the individual customer. This whole process chain is to be prototypically realized.

Goal of the project is the complete process chain of the virtualization of the customer over the automatic body measurements by 3D laser scanners up to the photo-realistic three-dimensional representation of the virtual customer in the desired article of clothing. The resulting platform for the virtual, interactive model including the virtual customer, the virtual shop, should be accessible for the customer both from material fashion shops, as well as over the internet as a complementary and supplementing selling way.

This new VR technology creates the conditions for the connection of classical commercial structures and industrial tailor-made suit over the internet and promotes in this way the increase of the market operational readiness level of products for the individual customer in the clothing sector.


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