The Lab

The "Old" Lab was equipped with a monochrome camera having a tuneable filter in the optical path.


  • Photometrics CoolSNAP K4 (4 MP camera, peltier cooled to -25°C, 12bit ADC, linearized response)
  • CRi VariSpec VS10 liquid crystal tuneable filter (LCTF) (400-720 nm, 30ms tuning time)
  • Broncolor 570W HMI lamp
  • (currently not used) Oriel QTH Lamp (1000W, smooth spectrum, 3100° K color temperature, controlled power supply for stable energy output)
  • Intellitek Scorbot ER-4u robot
  • X-Rite I1 handheld spectrometer
  • Specim SP-HSH-CL-30-V8E with FODIS (Spectrograph ImSpector V8E, 30mu slit, 12bit ADC)