SDMVIS is a visual analysis software to explore statistical deformation models(SDM) of volumetric organisms. Interactive exploration is facilitated by integrating two kinds of expert knowledge: taxonomical or other classications of the datasets as well as knowledge about relevant structures and parts of the shape. Given a classication into two groups the corresponding dominant shape differences between the groups (a so-called trait) can be computed and visualized in a dynamic fashion. Based on a selected region of interest (ROI) a new weighted SDM can be derived whose principal modes of shape variability are again accessible in a dynamic visualization.

This work is part of the project "Shape Analysis and Interactive Shape Space Exploration".

Responsible for development is Max Hermann.




SDMVis 0.3 user's manual, version from October 5, 2011

1.8 M

SDMVis 0.3 software, Win32, self-contained archive, no installation required, includes documentation as PDF

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