The RealReflect project’s goal is to increase the realism of Virtual Reality (VR) technology by developing physically correct visualization technology capable of accounting for phenomena like metamerism, fluorescence and light polarization and integrating it into an existing VR system. This will enable users from many different areas like automotive industry or architecture to create VR simulations for the interior design, thereby avoiding the necessity to build expensive real prototypes which reduces costs as well as time to market of the overall end products.

The new technology will include methods for:

  • fully automatic acquisition of reflectance properties in spectral space (BTF);
  • BTF database creation and management;
  • texture mapping with minimized distortion and texture synthesis on surfaces;
  • level of detail techniques specially suitable for BTF textured geometry;
  • a high quality rendering module based on photon tracing;
  • the generation of surface light fields for interactive visualization;
  • an implementation of an interactive surface light field render;
  • tone mapping (in order to support as many display devices as possible);
  • evaluation, validation and testing of the results.

See externour project page for more information.


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