Publications by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein

Publications 1995

C. Hoffmann and J. Rossignac (Editors)
Reinhard Klein and W. Straßer
In proceedings of Third Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications, pages 431-440, ACM Press, 1995
D. W. Fellner (Editors)
Reinhard Klein, R. Sonntag, and T. Hüttner
In proceedings of GI Workshop, Modeling - Virtual Worlds - Distributed Graphics. Infix, Sankt Augustin, Nov. 1995
G. Greiner, Reinhard Klein, A. Kolb, R. Pfeifle, H.-P. Seidel, P. Slusallek, and M. Encarnacao
In: Computer-Aided Design (July 1995), 27:7(559-566)