Publications by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein

Publications 2000

M. H. W. Hoffmann (Editors)
In proceedings of The 11th annual conference of the EAEEIE - Innovations in Education for Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE), pages 119-124, Abteilung Mikrowellentechnik der Universität Ulm, 2000
M. Guizani and X. Shen (Editors)
M. Bryborn, Reinhard Klein, T. May, S. Schneider, and Andreas Weber
In proceedings of IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems '00, International Association of Science and Technology for Development, pages 394-400, Nov. 2000
Reinhard Klein, A. Schilling, and W. Straßer
In: Graphical Models (Nov. 2000), 62:6