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Researcher WG Klein
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Email: vock@REMOVETHISPART.cs.uni-bonn.de

Ongoing Projects

Digital data on tangible and intangible cultural assets is an essential part of daily life, communication and experience. It has a lasting influence on the perception of cultural identity as well as on the interactions between research, the cultural economy and society. Throughout the last three decades, many cultural heritage institutions have contributed to a wealth of digital representations of cultural assets (2D digital reproductions of paintings, sheet music, 3D digital models of sculptures, monuments, rooms, buildings), audio-visual data (music, film, stage performances), and procedural research data such as encoding and annotation formats. The long-term preservation and FAIR availability of research data from the cultural heritage domain is fundamentally important, not only for future academic success in the humanities but also for the cultural self-understanding of individuals and society as a whole. Up to now, no coordinated effort for professional research data management on a national level exists. NFDI4Culture aims to fill this gap and create a user-centred, research-driven infrastructure that will cover a broad range of research domains from musicology, art history and architecture to performance, theatre, film, and media studies.
3D acquisition devices usually produce unstructured point-clouds as primary output. A challenge in this context is the decomposition of the point-cloud data into known parts in order to introduce abstractions of the originally unorganized data. This information can be used for compression, recognition and reconstruction.

Completed Projects


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