Gero Müller

Alumni (Researcher)
Email: gero@REMOVETHISPART.cs.uni-bonn.de


Personal homepage: externhttp://www.gero-mueller.de/

Ongoing Projects

The image-based acquisition of complex optical material properties is one of the major research topics in our group. The goal of this project is the development of novel techniques for the efficient and high-fidelity capture of high-dimensional material representations like, e.g., the bidirectional texture function (BTF). Example data is publicly available at the BTF database Bonn.
In this project we strive to derive a statistical model of the space spanned by a database of measured BTFs. This way, we intend to develop a dramatically more general representation of materials than is currently available. The goal is to reparameterize the high-dimensional material space to allow perceptually meaningful interpolations between the acquired samples, i.e., to generate new materials that blend qualities of samples from the dataset.

Completed Projects


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