Computer Graphics Group (Prof. Reinhard Klein)

The Computer Graphics Group is headed by  Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein. It has been established in Autumn 2000.

We offer introductionary courses on Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization, covering the basic principles, and  advanced courses and seminars in which the current state of the art is presented, especially in the areas of geometry processing and rendering. In all courses, we do not only teach the theoretical principles but also put emphasis on the practical application by implementing many of the discussed algorithms in the accompanying exercises. Additional practical experience can be gained in our lab courses. Details on current lectures, lab courses and seminars can be found on the teaching page.

In our research, we concentrate on the areas of Geometry Processing, Rendering as well as Scientific and Geospatial Visualization. Building on our basic research activities, we also pursue a variety of applied research projects in close cooperation with several industrial partners. Technology transfer into the industry is facilitated by our undefinedSteinbeis research center. Students are strongly motivated to participtate in our resarch, be it as a student research assistant even in an early stage of their studies or during their Bachelor-, Master- or Diplomathesis.  An overview of  our research interests is given on the activities page. A full list of our projects can be found on the projects page.