BTF-Streaming Source Code

On this page you can download the source codes of the BTF Streaming algorithm published in the papers externWebGL-based Streaming and presentation Framework for Bidirectional Texture Functions and externWebGL-based Streaming and Presentation of Objects with Bidirectional Texture Functions.

The implementation is divided into two parts: A preprocessing script written in MATLAB and a viewer application written in HTML, GLSL and JavaScript. The parts can be found in the respective directories inside the Zip file.

Additionally, one preprocessed BTF (the Ganesh dataset) is included in the Zip Archive to allow testing the viewer application without the need for MATLAB and lengthy preprocessing. The viewer application showing this dataset can also be found in our externonline version.


For convenience, all necessary third party libraries are already included in the source-code Zip-file.

For a list of all employed third party libraries including Homepage URLs, please refer to the README.txt in the respective directories.


Please refer to the respective README.txt documents inside the ZIP-file for usage information on the preprocessing or on the viewer application.


2013-10-23: added extension OES_texture_float_linear to fix issue with latest Firefox and Chrome. Many thanks to Borislav Trifonov for reporting this bug.