Screenshot of the StarVis application

StarVis - Visualizing morphometric differences between geographical populations

StarVis is an application for explorative investigation of similarities in morphometric attributes between different geographical populations. The multitude of attributes are visualized using glyph representations overlaid onto a geographic map. To reduce the complexity of such visualizations StarVis provides different types of glyphs whose presentation can be interactively adjusted for investigation of correlations between attributes and geographic locations.

This work is part of the project "Shape Analysis and Interactive Shape Space Exploration".

Responsible for development is Max Hermann.




27 July, 2010Poster presentation at the extern9thInternational Congress of Vertebrate Morphology in Punta del Este, Uruguay
22 September, 2009Release of revision R228P and start of this homepage.
4 May, 2009 Poster presentation and live demo at the conference extern"Tropical Vertebrates in a Changing World" in Bonn.


StarVis release R228P, Win32, self-contained archive, no installation required, includes documentation as PDF

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StarVis user's manual, version from 22 September, 2009

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Poster "Visualizing morphometric differences between geographical populations", presented at ICVM 2010

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