Betreute Dissertationen

Autor Thema Jahr
Martin RumpEfficient Capture of Multispectral Reflectance of Complex Surfaces2020
Marlon MyloExploring the Frequency Domain for Perceptually Plausible Material Edits2020
Sebastian OchmannAutomatic Reconstruction of Parametric, Volumetric Building Models from 3D Point Clouds2019
Stefan HartmannExample-Based Urban Modeling2018
Oliver BurghardCalculating Sparse and Dense Correspondences for Near-Isometric Shapes2018
Jun LiFine-Scaled 3D Geometry Recovery from Single RGB Images2018
Christoph PetersMoment-Based Methods for Real-Time Shadows and Fast Transient Imaging2017
Max HermannVisual analytics methods for shape analysis of biomedical images exemplified on rodent skull morphology2017
Michael WeinmannMaterial Recognition Meets 3D Reconstruction: Novel Tools for Efficient, Automatic Acquisition Systems2016
Anna VögelePatterns in Motion – From The Detection of Primitives to Steering Animations2016
Christopher SchwartzAcquisition, Transmission and Rendering of Objects with Optically Complicated Material Appearance2015
Roland RuitersData-Driven Analysis and Interpolation of Optical Material Properties2014
Kai SchröderVisual Prototyping of Cloth2014
Raoul WesselShape Retrieval Methods for Architectural 3D Models2014
Alexander BernerAnalysis and Manipulation of Repetitive Structures of Varying Shape2013
Björn GansterImproving Usability in Procedural Modeling2013
Alireza RahimiNumerische Simulation von Knochenumbauvorgängen um zahnärztliche Implantate mit der Finite-Elemente-Methode2013
Patrick DegenerSurface Deformation Potentials on Meshes for Computer Graphics and Visualization2011
Markus SchlattmannReal-Time Markerless Tracking the Human Hands for 3D Interaction2011
Ruwen SchnabelEfficient Point-Cloud Processing with Primitive Shapes2010
Martin SchneiderMethods for Real-time Visualization and Interaction with Landforms2010
Gero MüllerData-Driven Methods for Compression and Editing of Spatially Varying Appearance2009
Pavel BorodinHigh-Quality Simplification and Repair of Polygonal Models2009
Ákos BalázsTessellation and rendering of trimmed NURBS models in scene graph systems2008
Jan MesethTowards Predictive Rendering in Virtual Reality2008
Mirko SattlerRealistic Visualization of Animated Virtual Cloth2007
Gerhard H. BendelsMethods for 3D Geometry Processing in the Cultural Heritage Domain2007
Marcin NovotniMethods for 3D shape retrieval and matching2006
Zoltán NagyInteractive Methods For Non-Photorealistic Volume Visualization2005
Michael GutheAppearance Preserving Rendering of Out-of-Core Polygon and NURBS Models2005