Praktikum: Interaction Interfaces for Hand-Tracking


  • Dozent(en):
  • Beginn: 3.3.2008, 10:00, N 202
  • Zeiten: 3.3.2008 - 28.3.2008, N 218 (CG-Pool)
  • Studiengang: Summer School
  • Diplom-Fachgebiet: B


In this course each one or two students has/have to implement an interaction interface or extend an existing one. This interface has to use our existing handtracking system (see as an input controller. At the beginning of the course we will present different interface ideas, that are distributed to the students and will have to be implemented.

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Voraussetzungen: Lecture "Introduction to Computer Graphics" or similar and knowledge in C++ and graphical programming (e.g. OpenGL).
Sprache: Deutsch oder English
Umfang: Äquivalent 4 SWS