Praktikum: Basics & Lab



For starting master students not yet confident in their programming/practical skills we have a slightly different Lab Course. Here the initial focus is on learning C to a reasonable level by implementing numerical and computer graphics related algorithms. There are weekly exercises concluded with a programming project in the teaching free time. Further information can be found in the slides.

Practical programming is required in all Computer Graphic lectures and the normal lab courses. Thus for students lacking practical programming skills this lab course is a great chance. However, if you are confident in your practical skills, then we advise you to take a normal lab course as more knowledge about Computer Graphics is gained.

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Übung 0: Computing Environment
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 121 KB)
Übung 0: Foreword
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 99 KB)
Übung 1: Control Flow
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 160 KB)
Übung 2: Data Types
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 176 KB)
Übung 3: Pointers and Memory Management
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 154 KB)
Übung 4: Basic Classes
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 187 KB)
Übung 5: Basic Data Structures
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 125 KB)
Übung 6: Linked Lists
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 125 KB)
Übung 7: Heaps
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 133 KB)
Übung 8: Standard Template Library - Containers
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 193 KB)
Übung 9: Basic Numerics
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 254 KB)
Übung 9: Introduction to Linking
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 108 KB)
Übung 10: OpenGL
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 238 KB)
Übung 11: OpenGL and Scene Graphs
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 177 KB)
Übung 12: Gradient Descent
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 181 KB)
Übung 13: Function Fitting
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 551 KB)