Praktikum: Basics & Lab


  • Dozent(en):
  • Beginn: 14th Oct / 17-18pm / I.42 LBH
  • Zeiten: Mo 16:00 - 18:00 / VR-Lab (I.80 LBH)
  • Veranstaltungsnummer: MA-INF 2311 - Lab Computer Animation
  • Studiengang: Master , B-IT Master Media Informatics
  • Diplom-Fachgebiet: B


For starting master students not yet confident in their programming/practical skills we have a slightly different Lab Course. Here the initial focus is on learning C to a reasonable level by implementing numerical and computer graphics related algorithms. There are weekly exercises concluded with a programming project in the teaching free time. Further information can be found in the slides.

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Please note that this lab course is meant as a chance for students lacking programming skills. If you are a confident programmer you will gain much more knowledge from the normal lab courses - then this course is not advised for you. But if you lack programming skills this will make participation of other lectures difficult and thus this lab course is a good chance for you.




Übung 0: Computing Environment
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 114 KB)
Übung 0: Foreword
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 85 KB)
Übung 1: Control Flow
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 154 KB)
Übung 2: Data Types
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 159 KB)
Übung 3: Pointers and Memory Management
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 138 KB)
Übung 4: Basic Classes
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 170 KB)
Übung 5: Basic Data Structures
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 118 KB)
Übung 6: Linked Lists
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 118 KB)
Übung 6: solution-code
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 45 KB)
Übung 7: Heaps
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 124 KB)
Übung 8: Standard Template Library - Containers
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 128 KB)
Übung 9: Standard Template Library - Algorithms
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 142 KB)
Übung 10: Basic Numerics
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 162 KB)
Übung 11: Gradient Descent
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 169 KB)
Übung 12: Function Fitting
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 530 KB)
Übung 13: Smoothing
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 1.4 MB)
Übung 14: git-project-introduction
Übungsblatt  (PDF-Dokument, 199 KB)