Thesis Projects in Visualization and Medical Image Analysis Group

The following theses have been completed, or are currently ongoing, in the Visualization and Medical Image Analysis Group:

  • since 05/2018: Alexey Karpov, MSc thesis in Computer Science: "Graph-based Predictive Modeling of Brain Connectivity"
  • 06/2018: Xin Hu, MSc thesis in Life Science Informatics: "Revisiting the Kurtosis Mixture Model: Fitting and Role of the Dot Compartment"
  • 02/2018: Andrei Zhukov, MSc thesis in Computer Science: "Detecting and Correcting Motion-Related Signal Dropout in Diffusion MRI”
  • 12/2017: Kanil Patel, MSc thesis in Computer Science: "Learning Empirical Priors for Regularized ODF Estimation"
  • 09/2017 Markus Neuerbourg, MSc thesis in Computer Science: "Building a Tractography-based Atlas of the Human Thalamus”
  • 12/2016 Eliza Koshtoyan, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: "Assessing and Visualizing the Quality of a Product Cost Calculation" (external; at SAP Dresden)
  • 11/2016 Talha Mubeen, MSc thesis in Computer Science: "Deep Learning for Robust Sparse Diffusion MRI"
  • 05/2016 Arvind Verma, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: “Rotationally Invariant Classification of Symmetric Functions on the Sphere”
  • 05/2016 Mohammad Khatami Juybari, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: "BundleMAP: Anatomically Localized Classification, Regression, and Statistical Analysis in Diffusion MRI"
  • 04/2016 Cifong Kang, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: “Visualizing Whole Brain Tractography on a Head Mounted Display”
  • 02/2016 Shekoufeh Gorgi Zadeh, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: “Crease Enhancement Using Fourth-Order Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion Equations”
  • 01/2016 Irem Cetin, MSc thesis in Computer Science: “Subdividing the Thalamus in dMRI Data from the Human Connectome Project”
  • 01/2016 Aymen Said, BSc thesis in Computer Science: “Ein interaktives Software-System für lernbasiertes Volumen-Rendering”
  • 07/2015 Margarita Ganeva, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: “Patch-Based Nonrigid Registration of Triangle Meshes and Point Clouds”
  • 05/2015 Miguel Lumeras, MSc thesis as Erasmus student: “Predicting Response to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation from Diffusion Spectrum Imaging”
  • 09/2014 Krishna Prasad Soundararajan, MSc thesis in Media Informatics: “Random Forests for Stroke-Based Design of High-Dimensional Transfer Functions”
  • 08/2014 Vitalis Wiens, BSc thesis in Computer Science: “Stromlinien mit Superquadrik-Querschnitt zur Faservisualisierung in der Diffusions-Bildgebung”
  • 08/2014 Beowulf Siegert, Diploma thesis in Computer Science: “Berechnung von Diffusions-Kurtosis aus MRT-Aufnahmen von Muskel- und Nervengewebe”