Lecture: Foundations of Graphics


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: October 8
  • Dates: Tue. 14:15 - 15:45, HS7
  • Course number: MA-INF 2111
  • Curriculum: Master
  • Exams: 1. Exam: February 13, 12-15, HS 5+6; 2. Exam: TBD



This is an introductory course to prepare you for master's projects and advanced courses in computer graphics. Basic math and programming knowledge is needed to follow this course; exercises will include coding problems in Python.

  • An elementary introduction to kinematics and ordinary differential equations for Physics based modelling (rigid body motion, etc.)
  • Basics of numeric integration
  • Clustering algorithms for data compression
  • Robust statistics (RANSAC, etc)
  • Optimization techniques
  • Foundations of Signal processing
  • Monte Carlo methods with applications to photorealistic rendering
  • Polynomials and subdivision schemes for curves and surfaces.

Welcome to the lecture

The programming exercises in this course will be in Python. In case you have only little knowledge in this language or programming in general, we advise you to have a look at this externtutorial. We wish everyone a good start!


Assignment Sheets

Exercise 0: Python
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 116 KB)
Exercise 1: Transformations
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 130 KB)