Lecture: Introduction to Computer Graphics and Visualization


  • Lecturer(s):
  • Start: Tue., 25.04.2017
  • Dates: Tue. and Thu. 16:30 - 18, AVZ III / Römerstr. 164 - HS 2
  • Course number: BA-INF 105
  • Curriculum: Bachelor
  • Diploma Area: B
  • Effort: 4.0 SWS
  • Exams: 01.08. 14:00, AVZ III / Römerstr. 164 - HS 1
  • Follow-up/Side-events: 21.09. 14:00, AVZ III / Römerstr. 164 - HS 1



Computer Graphics deals with hardware, algorithms and datastructures for the synthesis of images or movies from abstract 3D scene, geometry and material descriptions as well as camera/object motion. This lecture introduces the fundamental concepts of computer graphics. In detail the following major topics will be discussed:

  • Two and three dimensional object representation
  • Affine and perspective mappings
  • Scene representations/the scene graph
  • Sampling theorem and antialiasing
  • Computing visibility and occlusion
  • Color spaces
  • Optical material properties and shading
  • Textures
  • Global illumination
  • Graphics hardware architectures and rela time rendering
  • Representations of curves and surfaces

Exercises: In the exercises the theoretical concepts of the lecture are examplified in practical programming assignments.

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Assignment Sheets

Exercise 1: WebGL LaTeX
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 163 KB)
Exercise 2: FarbInterpolation
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 179 KB)
Exercise 3: Transformationen
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 168 KB)
Exercise 4: CelShading
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 194 KB)
Exercise 5: Clipping
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 175 KB)
Exercise 6: ViewFrustum
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 167 KB)
Exercise 7: ReflexionsModelle
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 269 KB)
Exercise 8: Texturen
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 193 KB)
Exercise 9: DeferredRendering
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 185 KB)
Exercise 10: ImageProcessing
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 308 KB)
Exercise 11: Kurven
Assignment sheet  (PDF document, 148 KB)