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OBJECTS2012 Datasets

Here you can download the 3D geometry as triangle meshes and corresponding appearance as compressed BTF files for a number of objects that have been captured using the Dome setups of our department.

All datasets are free to use, modify and re-distribute for research and scholarship purposes. Furthermore, it is allowed to publish images made using the models or the BTF data in a scholary article or book, as long as proper credit is given to the University of Bonn's BTF Database. Some of the datasets (Ganesh, Ivory Figurine, Santa) represent artifacts with religious or cultural significance and improper use might affront certain groups of people. Please respect this fact and try to avoid potentially offending usage.
Any usage of the datasets for commercial purposes is not allowed without our permission and in some cases the permission of third parties.

The data presented here has been captured and processed using the methods described in

Christopher Schwartz, Michael Weinmann, Roland Ruiters and Reinhard Klein "Integrated High-Quality Acquisition of Geometry and Appearance for Cultural Heritage", VAST 2011.

Please acknowledge or cite this work when using the datasets.
In case you are using the food objects you may instead also refer to

Christopher Schwartz, Michael Weinmann, Roland Ruiters, Arno Zinke, Ralf Sarlette and Reinhard Klein "Capturing Shape and Reflectance of Food", SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Sketches

You can find four more captured objects that in addition to the processed BTF and geometry include the measured raw image data and HDR combined input data in the OBJECTS2011 dataset section.

General information:
you can access the data either using your webbrowser and download directly from this page or use our anonymous FTP server:

Some users encountered problems using certain browsers with the provided FTP links. A native FTP client using active-mode will work in these cases.

documentation about filenames and formats can be found in the externREADME.txt.
Source code for loading the compressed BTF data into matlab can be downloaded here as a zip file:

Almond Horn

The ALMOND HORN dataset is acquired from a piece of pastry, partially covered with chocolate.


The APPLE dataset is acquired from a slice of a fresh apple.

Chess Piece

The CHESS PIECE dataset is acquired from a resin replica of a knight from a chess game.

Crispy Roast Pork

The CRISPY ROAST PORK dataset is acquired from a slice of a crispy roast pork.


The GANESH dataset is acquired from a small Ganesh figurine carved out of a labradorite block.

Ivory Figurine

The IVORY FIGURINE dataset is acquired from a ivory figurine of Shao Lao.


The MOULAGE dataset is acquired from a wax moulage of a hand showing the desease "Psoriasis". The original object is part of the medical moulage collection of the externDepartment of Dermatology of the University Bonn

Moulage 2

The MOULAGE2 dataset is acquired from a wax moulage of a nose showing "epithelioma". The original object is part of the medical moulage collection of the externDepartment of Dermatology of the University Bonn

Pudding Pastry

The PUDDING PASTRY dataset is acquired from a piece of pastry.


The SANTA dataset is acquired from a terra cotta figurine depicting Santa Claus.


The SHOE dataset is acquired from a small childrens shoe.


The STRAWBERRY dataset is acquired from a fresh strawberry.