Publications by Michael Guthe at Universität Bonn

Publications 2006

To appear in the International Journal of Image and Graphics (IJIG), 2006
E. Gröller and L. Szirmay-Kalos (Editors)
In: Computer Graphics Forum (Sept. 2006), 25:3(497-506)
T. Akenine-Möller and W. Heidrich (Editors)
In proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2006, The Eurographics Association, June 2006
V. Skala (Editors)
In: Journal of WSCG (Feb. 2006), 14
In proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visualisation and Interaction in Africa (Afrigraph 2006), pages 49-58, ACM Siggraph, Jan. 2006